recent projects

Assistance and written advice for the policy design of Solar Victoria’s Solar Hot Water rebate program. Including assessment of the impact to industry and price from recommended/considered policy settings and advice on interaction between the Solar Victoria program, VEET, and the Commonwealth rebate scheme.

Expert witness at planning panel hearing on the Shepparton solar farms.  Cover in topics including Implications of the ‘PV heat island effect’

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Presentation of “Solar energy opportunities for local government” at the Regional Planning Conference, May 2018

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Solar Water Heaters – orientation vs performance

Detailed TRNSYS modelling of solar water heaters for Australian Water heating forum – Australian Industry Group and State Plumbing Regulators to characterize performance vs orientation to advise the revision of the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS/NZS 3500.4.

Task 43 and 57 Solar rating and certification

Study of the worldwide acceptance of ISO 9806 as a basis for rating and certifying solar water heaters.  The original study in 2014 was used as a basis for the revision of ISO 9806 2013.  A current survey was used to check that the 2017 version is widely accepted.


PV and hot water output and running costs as part of the “Renovation Cost Benefit Analysis” project

Review and analysis of water heating options to compare the financial benefits of solar and high efficiency gas water heaters with a standard efficiency gas water heater that was the likely default product installed in renovated houses.

The option to install a solar electricity system, a photovoltaic (PV) system at the time of renovation was investigated to understand the financial opportunity that arises if installed and the Annualised Savings were calculated and presented.

Detailed Audits of Versions 25 to 32 of the Suppliers data to the Clean Energy Regulator’s STC list

Detailed Audits of data supplied to establish STC eligibility and levels for Solar and Air Source heat pump water heaters for Versions 25 to 32 of the Clean Energy Regulator’s STC listing.

This required developing TRNSYS models from the supplied reports to compare with the TRNSYS models produced by the Suppliers of the products.

VEET Solar Water Heater Product Application Assessments

Audit of TRNSYS model input and output files to ensure that they correctly include the data from test reports and correctly transpose the results data into the VEET register.