Sustainable Energy Transformation Pty Ltd is a specialist consulting service that undertakes activities that aim to transform markets to support greater deployment of sustainable energy.

Based in Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Sustainable Energy Transformation provides technical and program support for the increased deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Sustainable Energy Transformation was established in 2012 by Ken Guthrie after 30 years’ experience developing markets for sustainable energyrenewable energy and energy efficiency, predominantly in the Victorian Government sector.

I draw on my extensive professional network to build a specialist team with the knowledge and experience needed for each project

Ken led the development of international standards on solar energy  (ISO TC180) as Chair until the end of 2017 and represents Australia on the Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Program (IEA SHC). From 2014 to 2018 he chaired that IEA Executive Committee.

Ken has provided advice across the Victorian Government regarding market and regulatory programs to support the deployment of Sustainable Energy Technologies and is a regular lecturer on solar energy technology, deployment and market transformation to postgraduate students at the University of Melbourne and RMIT.

Ken has Engineering qualifications from Melbourne University and postgraduate business qualifications and has completed the Company Directors Course at the AICD.

Ken is internationally recognised for his expertise in solar energy

Chairman of Australian and New Zealand Standards Committee on solar water heating

Past Chairman of International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling, Executive Committee

Past Chairman of International Standards Committee on Solar Energy

He has extensive experience in developing and managing market support mechanisms for energy efficient and renewable technology markets 

Victorian solar hot water rebate program

Victorian high efficiency gas heater rebate program

first time deployment of new technologies and business models for medium scale innovative renewable technologies through the Renewable Energy Support Fund (RESF) and;

technical and program advice for regulations and certificate schemes.

has contributed to postgraduate academic and professional education

Sessional Lecturer University of Melbourne Postgraduate Solar Energy Course 2013-19

Sessional Lecturer at RMIT 2005- 2014.  Postgraduate programs Solar Energy Technology and Market Transformation

Delivered training courses in Pacific and Syria for Pacific Forum and UNDP

Extensive experience in delivering conference papers and presentations

and provided executive and governance leadership to the solar/sustainable energy sector

Board Chair, Yarra Energy Foundation (2019-20)

Board Member, Australian PV Institute

Extensive experience reporting to CEOs and Boards